Halkida – Modern Family Residences in Paralimni


Halkida Residences, Karma Developer’s newest project, uses modern steel-frame technology and stylish design to form a community that is perfect for families.  Located just two blocks away from an elementary school, on the Kapparis side of Paralimni, Halkida is perfectly situated so that it retains easy accessibility to Paralimni town centre as well as tourist areas from a warm, family-oriented neighbourhood. Halkida’s large, three-bedroom plan is paired with a large outside walled garden for an open area for children to play.  Its modern, unique construction provides a more secure, durable, and environmentally friendly home for its residents, making it the perfect place to start a family. Steel-frame construction is, by its nature, extremely pest and decay resistant.  When coupled with the high-tech aluminium siding used on the project, the residences will be nearly impenetrable to insects and rodents.  Additionally, the siding and drywall used are highly resistant to mould and fungi, creating a healthier environment for children. The construction is also rated better than reinforced concrete for earthquake safety as steel is light and doesn’t buckle and bend.  50% lighter than concrete, steel construction also puts less strain on supporting walls and foundations, reducing the chance of cracks and uneven floors over time.  With this construction, Halkida will be extremely long lasting and low maintenance, reduce necessary repairs and costs over time. Halkida, with its steel-frame construction, is also environmentally friendly.  Steel is one of the most easily recyclable materials and steel frame constructions creates an insulated home that has a low environmental impact.  The residences will be low cost to maintain and environmentally sustainable, truly made to last throughout both your, and your children’s future.

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