Discussion about redevelopment and landscaping on the beachfront of Sotira.


There was a meeting held on the 6th of October at the Municipal Theatre of Sotira with government departments and study workers to discuss the redevelopment and landscaping on the beachfront of Sotira. 'George Karas & Associates' company launched the draft design that suggests a radical regeneration of the coastal front with the length being 3km, from Ayia Thekla to Sotira. The plans include among other a promenade-cycle lane, green areas, resting points, squares, parks accessible to people with disabilities, outdoor fitness area, skateboarding track, parking spaces, gardens, a tourist beach and restaurants. Also, there is connecting bridge between the beach of Ayia Thekla and the small island. The significand element in the design is the proposal to create breakwaves to protect the swimmers, the creation of a dock for sailboats and a restaurant in the sea. As the Mayor of Sotira, Mr. George Takkas said the whole project aims to highlight the coastal region of Sotira which recently evaluated that there was a strong interest from investors to build hotels, also to take advantage of the ambitious neighboring project of Ayia Napa Marina that costs €220 million. According to Mr. Takkas, the project will interconnect with the under study project regards the regeneration of Liopetri River. The Municipality of Sotira will assert funds from the Government or Europe. Finally, he said that to be able to handle new investments efforts will be made to complete the design as soon as possible. The meeting was attended by Government officials such as  the Antiquities Department officers, the Division of Marine Department of Public Works Research,  the Department of Environment,  the Town Planning and Housing Department, the Game and Fauna Service, who expressed their positive view regarding the creation of the promenade-cycle lane and the protection of swimmers. The redevelopment and landscaping work of Sotira’s beachfront proclaimed by Sotira in April 2016 and the first phase that includes the construction of the promenade-cycle lane is expected to be completed by July 2018. The Government on behalf of the President of the Republic of Cyprus expressed a positive view to include in the state budget estimated expenditure of  5 million euro.

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