Cyprus Passport – In the TOP 10 passports in the world

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Visa restrictions and lengthy passport queues. Holidays based on where you can go, not where you want to go. Delayed business meetings. Lack of privacy. Extensive customs processes.

For those lucky enough to come from one of the nations listed below, your passport is a golden ticket – a privilege many don’t realise is a privilege. And while some of these top ten global passports are near-impossible to get your hands on, others are easily within reach.

The best 10 passports in the world

We’ve looked at a number of factors to form this list, including ease of travel, prestige, in-country quality of life, and opportunity. (Passport and other rankings are in constant flux – figures are correct as of November 2017.) 

So, let’s explore the list.

1.     Cyprus 

The Cypriot passport unlocks 147 countries on visa-free or visa-on-arrival terms, so it definitely makes our top ten list. Add in the country’s business credentials – boasting one of the lowest corporation tax rates in Europe at 12.5% – and its status as a relocation hub and the Cypriot equation becomes very attractive.

And the best bit – you can secure full citizenship here by investment, so you can enjoy the full benefits of a new passport. And fast – in only four to six months. Investment does start from EUR 2m though, so this is definitely a path reserved for those with financial means. 

Open doors with a new passport

European countries are heavily represented on this list – the continent has long been considered one of the most desirable regions for global citizens.

Thankfully, many of these countries also open these advantages to foreign investors. That may not always be full citizenship but the residency programmes offer many of the same advantages including sought-after access across the Schengen area, which includes much of Europe.

The rest of the countries include:

2. Greece 

3. Malta  




7. Germany  


9.  USA 

10. Hungary 


Author: John Hanafin

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