Anastasiades Announces €34.4M Projects for Famagusta

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Anastasiadis announced over 7 million euros of benefit to the Municipality of Ayia Napa. The Government is positive to Establish a Private University in Ayia Napa. During a meeting held today Monday, September 11th, in the province of Famagusta with the participation of Ministers, Mayors, Presidents of the Community Councils and service workers, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiadis, announced the launch of new projects totaling 33.4 million euros for the Famagusta District, of which the Municipality of Ayia Napa will have a benefit of over 7m euros. Concerning the projects in the Municipality of Ayia Napa, the President of the Republic referred initially to three important projects, which were promoted through the designation of Ayia Napa as an urban center such as the restoration, promotion and highlighting of the Medieval Monastery of 1.5 million euros (expected to begin January 2018 and completed in July 2019), the multifunctional park, expenditure of EUR 2.5 million (to be proclaimed by the municipality in November 2018) and the project of improving accessibility in the center of Ayia Napa - by upgrading the road (the bidding is planned to start in January 2018 by the Municipality of Ayia Napa and for the project to start in June of the same year.) The municipality will also benefit from about 3m of the guaranteed loans the government will repay.   Apart from the above, Mr. Anastasiades announced a series of new projects that will also commence: The expansion of the Ayia Napa Elementary School, costing € 220,000, is expected to begin in January 2018 and be completed in December of the same year. The construction of a refreshment facility at the Konni site of the Cape Greco National Forest Park costing 170 thousand euros The enrichment of the artificial reefs in the protected area of ​​Ayia Napa with a cost of 300 thousand euros with the expected start of the project in the current year Disbursement of € 300,000 to upgrade / maintain the bike path from Ayia Napa to Cavo Greco The funding of 50% of the study by the Municipality of Ayia Napa, estimated to cost 200 thousand euros, to tackle the erosion of Pantachos beach despite the Ayia Napa fishing retreat, with an estimated cost of 2million euros. President Anastasiades also referred to the Municipality's request for the creation of a Private University, stating that the Government was very positive about the issue and added that it expects a documented submission of the necessary requests to the competent authorities based on the legal procedures.     The President of the Cyprus Republic also mentioned that, in addition to the projects announced in 2015, the Government has implemented the following projects:   The implementation despite the financial crisis, decision of the previous Government for the creation of Center for Environmental Information and Education of the National Forest Park Cape Greco expense 2m euros, which was completed last December. Improvement of forest habitats at low altitudes costing € 440,000 and concerns the special areas of protection of the Natura 2000 network in Cape Greco and the project is expected to be completed in December 2017. The Ayia Napa Fishery Reserve costing 115 thousand euros, which was completed in July 2016. Mayor Mr. Yiannis Karousos welcomed the announcement of new projects in Ayia Napa by the President of the Republic, whom he personally thanked as well as his ministers for the continuous and practical support to the Famagusta District and particularly to Ayia Napa. The Mayor said that the total project budget for the Famagusta District, including the 2 Marinas Ayia Napa and Protaras, has exceeded 400 million euros. With the completion of these projects, the bases for all year-round tourism are set. At the same time, the Mayor also noted the positive political decisions of the government, such as the city center, liberalization of flights, tourist planning incentives, public transport links with the two airports, and the Government's intention to be positive at creating a Private University in region. He also said that the liquidity that will be obtained due to repayment of the loans will be returned to the public in the form of development projects and even with their own participation, since they will choose the project that will be included in the budget at the level of the installment to be saved. "The Government" added "it is clear now and has proven it in the most practical way that it once again recognizes the important role played by the Cypriot economy in Ayia Napa and Famagusta in general".

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