Tourist Arrivals: They break all records


Tourist arrivals break one record after the other. Based on the results of the Passenger Survey, arrivals in February 2018 amounted to 101,481 compared to 82,209 in February 2017, an increase of 23.4%. The arrivals of February 2018 were the highest we had in Cyprus to date in February.

For the period January - February 2018, tourist arrivals amounted to 177,348 compared to 144,820 in the corresponding period of 2017, marking an increase of 22,5% but also exceeding the arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during the first two months of the year.

Analysis of changes

Arrivals from the United Kingdom increased by 29.5% in February 2018 compared to February 2017, while an increase of 11.3% was observed from Greece. Increases were also seen in other major markets such as Israel (63.8%) and Germany (86.7%). In contrast, there was a 17.0% decrease in tourist arrivals from Russia.

Main countries

The United Kingdom is the main source of tourism for Cyprus in February 2018, with 35.1% followed by Greece with 11.9%, Russia with 11.8% and Israel with 9.0%.

Tourist features

The purpose of travel in February 2018 was 62.6% of tourists vacation, 20.1% visit to friends or relatives and 17.2% professional. Men account for 48.3% of tourists and 51.7% of women, while most tourists are aged 20-44.


Source: InBusiness


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