Liopetri Fishing Harbor: An Innovative Redevelopment


The planning of the fishing shelter and the Liopetri River as well as the organization of the National Park with a strong environmental and educational nature is already being prepared with the proposed project named as the "Creation of a Fishing Shelter and Liopetri River".

Liopetri still reserves its charm and remains a well-known place to visit, with one of its famous spots being the fishing harbor. Specifically, as the community leader of Liopetri, Mr. Kyriakos Trisokkas, claimed, ‘’It has been the long wish of the people of Liopetri, to see Potamos being refurbished. We have beautiful childhood memories from the area, and we do not want to see it perish’’.

This project aims on the dismantling / demolition of existing arbitrary structures, entrance booth, fishing training center, multifunctional area, new platforms, ramp for lifting and launching of boats, crane position, screening and catching site, ship repairing site - shipyard and Liopetri river bridge.

Also, two parking areas with 111 parking spaces will be created. The first parking area, located at the northern boundary of the area towards the exit of the motorway and the entry pavilion, will serve the visitors of the environmental park and will include 61 car park areas. The second area will be set up close to the fishing center to serve the fishermen and will include 50 car park areas.

The goal is a complete transformation of the old river harbor to create a more attractive, better organised project, that will not only serve its current users, but also increase the number of visitors to the site and reinstate its presence as a local and national attraction, by the year of 2020.

Two main car parks, children’s playing ground, adult’s sports area, rowing training area, pedestrian ways, bicycle paths, gardens and shelters for visitors will also be included. An administration building will house an office, as well as a conference room. An information kiosk will be placed at the entrance together with a bicycle renting facility.

A major priority is to avoid any damage to the surrounding natural environment, such as the forest area on the west part of the harbor. At this point it is worth mentioning that, environmental considerations feature in other ways too. Near the eastern side of the river, is an EU Natura2000 protection zone, and information signs will be placed to inform visitors about the different types of birds which visit the area.


Source: Philenews / Cyprus Mail

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