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Cliff Residence

A cluster of three ultramodern mansions sits perched upon a stony bluff, overlooking the shores of Protaras. These are the Cliff Residences. Surrounded by the luscious greenery of the Prophet Elias ridge, and offering sweeping views of the deep blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, these private, secluded residences radiate exclusivity. Future development is restricted in the area, which gives these properties the added advantage of being uniquely individual.
The Cliff Residences comprises of three detached, four-bedroom villas, sprawled out over 200 square meters each, to allow for maximum comfort and privacy. Glass, wood and stone elements prevail in an elegant, minimalistic design which allows an abundance of natural light to stream in and light up every corner of these stunning residences. Each villa boasts its own outdoor deck and swimming pool for residents to kick back and relax in the privacy of their own home, as well as an immaculately landscaped roof garden, and ample balconies for enjoying ultimate sea views. As night falls, well-lit exteriors in each home allow for a safe and comfortable environment.
The properties are located in close proximity to Protaras’ famed five star resort, as well as to the charming Prophet Elias Chapel, which is just a short trek away. Beyond offering magnificent views of the island’s golden sand beaches and azure coastline, the area surrounding the Prophet Elias Chapel is awash in natural beauty itself, with technicolor blooms flourishing in the springtime, and the illuminated Chapel that glows bright in the evenings.
The Cliff Residences are ideal for residents seeking true Mediterranean exclusivity, and a home set against the backdrop of one of the island’s most naturally beautiful areas.


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