Cyprus Digital Nomad

Work Remotely, Live in Paradise

Digital nomads, using technology and the changing work environment, are those who can do their work from anywhere in the world. This new reality of a location-independent lifestyle has allowed more an more people to free themselves from traditional work environments and sedentary living.

The increase of digital nomads worldwide has prompted governments to take action to accommodate and attract the often highly skilled workforce embracing this modern work trend with legislation for digital nomad visas.

What is the "Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa"?

The “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa” Scheme allows nationals from non-EU and non-EEA countries, who can perform their work location-independently using telecommunications technology, to reside temporarily in Cyprus and work for an employer registered abroad or perform work through telecommunications technology for companies or clients located abroad.

The Scheme’s goal is to strengthen Cyprus as a center for the provision of electronic services, where in combination with the other advantages offered by Cyprus, the attraction of digital nomads will contribute to the development of the business ecosystem and consequently to the economic development of the country. The introduction of the “Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme” is included in the Strategy for Attracting Businesses for Activities or/and Expansion of their Activities in Cyprus.

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Who can Benefit?

Non-EU or non-EEA nationals who:

  • Can perform work remotely through telecommunications technology;
  • Are employed in a company registered abroad, for which they can work location-independently, or are self-employed offering services remotely for clients located abroad;
  • Can prove that they have stable and sufficient monthly net income of at least €3500 (after the deduction of contributions and taxes).

What Are the Benefits?

Individuals that are granted with a Digital Nomad residence permit will benefit from the following:

  • Right of residence for a year in Cyprus, with a possibility of renewal for further two years.
  • Right of residence for family members, for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed of perform economic activity in Cyprus.
  • If they reside in the Republic for one of more periods that in total exceed 183 days within the same tax year, then they are considered tax residents of Cyprus, provided they are not tax residents in any other country.

Family Members

  • Digital Nomad’s family members can reside in Cyprus for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed of perform any economic activity in Cyprus.
  • Family members include the spouse/ partner in a civil union and underaged children.
  • Family members also need to obtain a temporary residence permit following the procedure below.


  • Within 3 months of arrival, the applicant should submit the relevant application along with the required documents, as stated in the relevant document lists, at the Offices of the Department in Nicosia, after arranging an appointment through the online platform, to obtain a temporary residence permit. All documents accompanying application forms should be officially translated and duly certified/ ratified.
  • In case the applicant legally resides in Cyprus under a different status, he/she has the right to submit the relevant application to be granted a temporary residence permit as a Digital Nomad, at the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia.
  • Applications can be submitted personally or through an authorised representative.
  • Applications that are not accompanied by all the required documents will not be accepted for consideration.
  • Any change in the applicant’s data during the examination of the application should be notified immediately to the Department.
  • For the application submission, the amount for applicable fees shall be paid as stated below.
  • For the issuance of the temporary residence permit capturing of biometric data (photo and fingerprints) and signature of the third country national is necessary, which is done with the presentation of the application submission receipt and a valid travel document. The biometric data can be captured at the same time or after the application submission, at the offices of the Department in Nicosia or at the district unit of the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police of the district of residence of the third country national. From persons who have not reached the age of six years at the time of submitting the application only the photo is captured. This data is also captured for the renewal of the temporary residence permit.
  • Applications for renewal should be submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia along with the necessary accompanying documents, at least one month before the temporary residence permit’s expiration date.
  • For the application submission, the amount for applicable fees shall be paid as stated below.
  • In case the application is approved, the applicant will receive a letter notifying them on how to receive their temporary residence permit.
  • In case the application is rejected, the applicant will receive a letter informing them for the rejection reasons.

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