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 This is an update on the construction progress of Almaria Villas project, which is scheduled for completion in 2020. It will be very e…

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Icon is ready to be delivered

Icon Villa is Karma’s latest most luxurious development, set in one of the most desirable locations in Ayia Thekla. This seafront vill…

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Property sales in Famagusta rise by 85%

Cyprus property sales in April reached the highest monthly figure recorded since September 2008 following a 61 per cent surge according …

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Κτίζοντας το μέλλον σε γερές βάσεις

 Σε ηλικία 23 ετών κλήθηκε να αναλάβει ένα πολύ δύσκολο έργο, τη διοίκηση μι…

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ExxonMobil makes biggest natural gas discovery in two years off the coast of Cyprus

·         ExxonMobil announced on Thursday that it has made the world's third biggest natural gas discovery in two years off t…

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‘Fig Tree Bay’ One of the top beaches in Europe

 One of the most famous beaches in Cyprus ‘Fig Tree Bay’, Protaras has been voted as the 4th best beach in Europe and 13th in the W…

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Paralimni Marina – Final design revealed

 The final design of the Paralimni Marina was revealed at an event held at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia on Tuesday evening.In the presen…

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Cyprus East Coast: An increase of 52% in property sales in December

Decembers' property sales in the Cyprus East Coast recorded an increase of 52% compared to the previous month. As per the announcement …

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Starting 2019 with positive vibes!

The property market in Cyprus follows an upward trend, and statistics show that this will continue and for the year 2019!

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Cyprus’ real estate market is on the rise

The property market in Cyprus follows an upward trend following a deep decline in recent years due to a financial crisis.The Chairman of…

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Cyprus Unemployment: The largest European drop to 7.5%

It has been stated that employment has “seen” an increase in different sectors, and more substantially in the construction sector. …

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Famagusta: 72% highest growth in sale contracts

Famagusta has recorded the highest annual growth in number of sales contracts during the first half of the year (2018) with 72%, followe…

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Paralimni Marina Construction Underway

Construction work has begun on the Paralimni marina, which is expected to be fully operational by mid-2021 and which will have a capacit…

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Cyprus Economy: The continuous recovery and the 4% expected growth

After the financial crisis that Cyprus has experienced in previous years, it seems that its economy is recovering according to statement…

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Cyprus East Coast Sales: An increase of 6% in August

For the fourth consecutive month, the Cyprus East Coast has experienced a significant increase in sales compared to the previous year. …

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Cyprus construction industry enjoying a revival

Cyprus’ construction industry seems to be regaining confidence over the past year, as developers encouraged by an increase of activity…

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Ikaria Villas: Bask in luxurious comfort

In the idyllic seaside town of Protaras, mere steps from the azure coastline for which this town is famous, one may find the Ikaria Vill…

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Liopetri Fishing Harbor: An Innovative Redevelopment

The planning of the fishing shelter and the Liopetri River as well as the organization of the National Park with a strong environmental …

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Cyprus Property Sales: An increase of 21% in July

The number of property sales contracts deposited at Land Registry offices across the Republic of Cyprus during July 2018 rose 21 per cen…

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Speeding up the issue of Title Deeds

 The Cyprus government is ready to discuss ways to reduce the time taken to issue Title Deeds. While the real estate market was out of…

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Cliff Residences - SOLD OUT!

Karma is pleased to announce that Cliff Residences have been sold and are no longer available. Although this project has been in the m…

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